May 2, 2019

The Long Night Was Dark and Dull

Warning: Spoilers ahead
Game of Thrones S8E3 was definitely the darkest episode and the shortest Long Night ever. I mean without Melisandre it would have been even darker no pun intended and terrible. She lit up the skies and the screen with her magic, setting Dothraki swords blazing with fire. It was kind of sad to see her throw away her necklace and become a 400-year-old woman again.

Arya running through the castle from zombies brought her closer to death as ever before. Now we know Beric Dondarions purpose and why the God of Light brought him back to life time and again.
 "What do we say to the God of Death? - 'Not today'!" 
Still, it was too late for Lyanna, Jorah, Theon, Beric and Edd and where the fuck was Gendry? What happened to Sam? Were Jon and Sam the only two left of the Night's Watch? I am happy no one else died.

I was hoping dragon glass would penetrate deep into the Night King and turn him into a human again and life would all be bright as sunshine. Lol. It was known a long time ago that the Night King was the only thing that needed to be killed. How fanfuckingtastic is that?

However, this episode was dull, listless and uninspiring. I hated that the Night King uses his power to manipulate the weather. It was the most frustrating thing to watch Dany and Jon flying in the storm on their dragons with next to no visibility. They were losing until Arya gains some giant balls and kills the Night King. Danys dragon could not do it. Jon could not do it.

Bran becoming the three-eyed-raven is the main reason the Night King has pursued this long. Nobody wants to kill Bran more and in order to create a perpetual night, it was crucial to erase all of Brans memories.

Dan Weiss and David Benioff's writing the scripts for the last two seasons is not the same as if George R.R.Martin wrote the damn book but there is "a genuine question about the show’s internal logic" and I think we can all agree.


  1. I share your thoughts! I like Arya from the beginning, and was happy to see her performing!
    I enjoyed a lot reading you, but, do you know it's quite hard to read white on black? Too much contrast, I need to select the text to make it white on blue! My eyes are still seing black lines everywhere... ;P

  2. Really? I didn't know about the dark background. I like it but I've had this same template for awhile and I might need to switch it up again. It looks fine from a computer but do you mean on a cellphone?


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