December 15, 2009

A Christmas Ornament

This year I had the privilege of entering a christmas splendour ornament exchange . We received a lovely mercury bird clip-on ornament . It was beautiful but my boyfriend dropped it and it broke as he was putting it on the tree that we have .

Thank-you to Beth, who sent her blog address , I contacted her about it and told her we would be willing to pay for one if she were to get another one for us because we liked it so much . I never thought to check out Pottery Barn here in Calgary until after . So , we did. Yesterday. Guess what? We found the EXACT same one we had broken to smitherines!! I was so happy, and so was Phil , that we bought TWO mercury
clip-on birds...

See how nice they are sitting in our tree.

Anyway I like to decorate this tree since we have no room for a Christmas Tree . Actually I like those plants . They work perfect as a Christmas tree IMO. Here is our Christmas tree/plant from last year:

and here is this years.

:) It’s perfect for the two of us .

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