December 4, 2009

The Weather and Gingerbread Christmas Holiday Train


1.  gingerbread Christmas add on pack where I got the cute snowman pic and background from.

2. Here is the blog train where you follow all the different blogs to pick up the whole gingerbread kit as you go along. There are some really nice blogs over @ Lots of pretty thingsAnyway that is just one list I'm sure there are lots more .

3. I'm on a blog train now over at nibblesskribbles but I gotta go to the store to pick something up for supper . The weather is frightening out there , burrrr, there is a :winter snowstorm warning and it supposed to get a lot worse as the day progresses.

Here is a link to the holiday hub

Here is a cookie for you . click on it to go to the designer


  1. LOL - There are sooo many freebies around now, I don't know where to start!!
    Merry Christmas :)


  2. LOL true :) Thanks for sharin the cookie monster , him and the gingerbread man should get together lol

  3. If they want me to leave a comment then they'd better not remove my comments without a reason, I don't appreciate being blacklisted without telling me what I did or said that was so wrong, that's all I have to say. I won't be giving comments anymore , just because of that.


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