December 15, 2009

Our Door Decorating Contest .

Our building had a door decorating contest . I won a $20 gift card to Wal-Mart yay! Out of 21 people who entered we were second place . So thank you for that .

To come up with a theme for our door , we chose to call it after the name of our street: Barberry Walk. I thought of just having a christmas tree with 'Berry Christmas' somewhere on it . So this is what we did. I kind of left out the greenery on the right side . I didn't have anymore of it I think. oops :P

For the stump I stuck a picture of our building . It says "Berry Christmas"

The Alphas on the Tree (not the stump) come from cmas alphas from Giggle Scraps at
Here is our door sideways cause it wouldn't all fit in one frame

We couldn't use paint but it could probably use some more berries and more garland around the door frame .The berries I got at the dollar store. I couldn't find a decent door matt and I didn't know how to make one with letters on it . So the wreaths will have to do . At least it's Christmassy.

We also hung a banner in the hallway

We aren't supposed to cover the emergency info there on the wall lol  Anyway, it's a good thing cause today the fire alarms went off and rang for over an hour . Apparently there was a flood on the 3rd floor . The elevators weren't working either , and there were a lot of perturbed people to say the least , who couldn't use the stairs for one reason or another. A lot of them have medical conditions :(

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  1. Thanks for sharing your creations - I love it. The door looks beautiful and the Alpha stands out-honored you used my stuff and left a comment. TY. Hugs, Andi


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