December 2, 2009

I'm dreamin ...of a .....merry Christmas!

I just had to take a pause from downloading a lot of fun digital christmas fun scraps and all sorts of things to wish you all a Merry Christmas cause it's coming too fast .lol  Our building is having a door decorating contest and I have a door to decorate by Saturday .  I'm not a designer . I will post a picture of it when I'm done . In fact I think I will go around and take pictures of everyones door lol. (those who are participating in the contest anyway)

See what a nice kit this is?!!! It's called gingerbread christmas AOP by Isabella Le Roux . I'm sorry I don't have the link but you can get your free digy scraps here and everyday there is something new. It won't stop till Christmas . It feels like Christmas dunnit? If all I get this year are digy scraps I'm happy :) I think I'm getting a new printer though ......I hope yay !


  1. Hi there .. I was trying to locate an email address to respond to your question but do not see one- am I overlooking it ? LOL If so, forgive me.
    I am not sure why the blinkies are not working on your blog - but I do do mine a bit different. I upload the blinkie to a file sharing place (free site like ) and then when the blinkie is uploaded it gives a code to use and I paste that on my blog using the html gadget and have never had any problems with blinkies not working using that method.
    Sorry I am not much help.
    Thank you for adding our blinkies - that is very kind of you.
    Hugs and Blessings,
    TammyJo aka TJ

  2. Hi Tammy , the email button is right next to your comment in the side bar there lol(it's turquoise) . It's a big round button . I don't know why the blinky doesn't work. I got the images from the download but I will try and save it to my computer first ..Thanks for your response.

  3. LOL I see it now. ( Blush Blush ) wow- it could have bitten me and I still wouldn't have seen it - how odd . I mean its right there in plain sight. LOL.
    I see you do have the blinkies working now. Thanks much for adding them. I will be visiting - I've read some and will be back to get to know you more.
    Prayers and Blessings

  4. oh ya, I forgot to mention, the button was created by adorigraphics , I hope she will forgive me for not mentioning it, she has other buttons as well. You can see them here

  5. You have a delightful "home" here. I'll have to come visit often!!! Cathy

  6. Hi Cathy! Thank you , you know you are welcome anytime. I only put the pink ribbons and balls on the tree header, that's it . It felt like I was decorating a real tree lol . It took me that long! I still want to change the picture in the frame to something different . I got so many beautiful digi scraps for christmas (so far) and it's a difficult choice lol. I have no idea how I'm going to change it , I just know that it's not going to be easy, technically , and then , there are some who make it look so easy , and I don't know how they do it *sigh* Anyway ....

  7. Hi Jackie,

    thank you so much for displaying my work on your blog! I really feel honored and this is a great motivation to make so more freebies.

    By the way: The link to the add-on-pack is:
    Or just go to my blog and click on "Freebies", there are quite a few more there.

    Thanks again!

    Isabella Le Roux


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