May 4, 2010

Today in Sacred Scripture

Today in the news, I saw a picture of a sad-faced man condemned to die by, believe it or not, a firing squad!

Our Responsorial Psalm today tells us that, as God's faithful ones, we must speak of His might and the Glory of His kingdom.

And what is it that demonstrates God's might? Is it the events in those ancient stories that speak about manna in the wilderness, or the parting of the Red Sea? Or is it something else, something more current and personal to us?

Divine Justice, Divine Mercy - these are what speak most eloquently of God's might. They give everyone who seeks it, forgiveness of their sins and access to the Glory of His Kingdom.

Please pray for the man condemned to die and for all of us, that we may experience the Might of God, His Divine ineffable Mercy and the Glory of His Kingdom.
~ Donna Raye Nelson, OCDS

Today I heard the news of someone who committed suicide also. He was a regular forum member of a popular and well known social networking site. I felt the sadness and condolences of all those near and dear to him as they shared past experiences and how much he meant to each one of them, touched beyond belief they allowed a moments grief over the loss of his life . I thought of what todays reflection of scripture might mean.... Divine Justice or Divine Mercy . I hope God's Mercy in this case because he was an atheist; irregardless, I don't mean any disrespect; I fully believe atheists are created in God's image and therefore are children of God as well. The more sick or wretched a person is , the more they are in need of a physician and the more love and care they require. I think wretchedness attracts God's Mercy . Again I don't mean any disrespect in that, because God's Grace is amazing and saved a wretch like me :P I'm just sayin...

If you want to know more about God's Mercy , St. Faustina taught us a lot about it .

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