June 1, 2011

Fiction is an Addiction: Alcohol's Warning

"To Health"
This is very personal to me ....because I argue fight with my boyfriend about it all the time. It has caused me to leave him on a few occasions simply because I can't stand alcohol. You might even say I am anti-alcohol. He likes having a few beer after work almost every single day and he doesn't eat that much and when he is tired he slurs his words. Alcohol affects me differently whereas I can't stand being around those who drink irresponsibly. There is a limit to what I can tolerate. I don't hang out in bars and I avoid occasions like that . As long as they don't get drunk I am fine with it. Buying a case of beer once in awhile (not everyday) is fine, but honestly the only two people I know who drink responsibly are myself and my grandmother. I found this poem over at Three Word Wednesday written by a certain Andy McDonald, that reminded me of what I think about alcohol. He writes on Three Word Wednesday ....Fiction is an Addiction: Alcohol's Warning:

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