June 9, 2011

Knowing God's Law is not enough if you do not Love and Adore Him

"...I Am an endless Ocean of Mercy, Compassion and Tenderness 
I have given you My Law but it is not enough to say you know My Law, you have to practice My Law; it is not enough either to say you believe I Am, I desire you to love and adore Me; even the demons believe that I Am but they do not love Me nor do they adore Me; they listen to My Voice but they do not love Me;
be loyal to Me and you, you who are My seed, come to Me your Abba and console Me; I - Am - weary - and you are only a remnant who can console Me; you are the smallest of the flock and My Eyes are upon you;
your Abba, from His Throne, tells you: I love you all with an eternal Love - be blessed

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