June 26, 2011

An Engaging Conversation

Yesterday I went to talk to a priest and he was very encouraging indeed. We were discussing heaven and hell and who goes there and he said something that I found to be very interesting ; he asked me if there was one person who loved me. He thought then that would mean I could go to heaven because if someone like 'a measly human' could love me, imagine how much God loves me!

I understood that it meant the love you had while on earth would extend into eternity . I could be wrong. So anyway by loving God and your neighbour isn't that the sum of the 10 commandments? Yes so says the bible, and I take it very seriously because I have heard from somewhere that we will be judged on Love ; for our neighbour, God , our spouses and children etc . LOVE is the whole of the matter and the fulfilling of the entire LAW.

So anyway, I felt very happy because someone does love me but I never thought to include myself . I also was relieved to know that I wouldn't go to hell . He also said that he thought hell wasn't that easy to end up. I was shocked to here this but relieved at the same time as I thought a person had to go there willingly . Who wants to go to hell?

Speaking of one person who loves you, I don't think everyone is so fortunate, heck, some children don't even have parents who love them and viceversa or a mother or father *sad*

I know I am a loveable person, but there is so much about love that I need to learn , and it kinda scares me . I always thought love was a feeling , like ecstacy lol .
Mother Theresa once said : “We have not come into the world to be numbered; we have been created for a purpose; for great things: to love and be loved.”
I think my love for my boyfriend is a matter of indifference.

I know an East Indian couple who are married but they don't even love each other . It was an arranged marriage . I want to marry someone because I love them , nothing more , nothing less.

Anyway this has been my dilemna for quite some time

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