June 28, 2011

God Alone Completes Me

I think this Jackie is right on . Ultimately this is what everyone should learn before ever thinking about getting married because no one can satisfy us but God alone. He alone is worthy of our love and we are made for God . Listen to her give some great advice and visit her website .

Thanks Jackie! I am greatful to have come across your website/video today ! - I think your prayers have been heard :) [Listen to the end of this video where she said she will be praying for everyone who watches this] Anyway I really needed to hear this, and I felt encouraged, as I am struggling in a relationship . I know God is the only One I should not give up on, although I am weak, I Trust, I know , I believe that He will lift me up into the Light because Jesus gives us the strength in the Eucharist even though the current opposes me .
H/T from Matthew Warner of Fallible Blogma

Cherish your wife, She is a gift. Love the gift, but don't love the gift more than the giver. - Mustard seeds

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