August 9, 2013

Inspired Fridays - Kick Your Fat in the Nuts!

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This week I found a book that was meant for me. It's called Kick Your fat in the nuts by T.C Hale! I had just come back from seeing a dietitian- they aren't that helpful, and I was clicking around on twitter when I saw this tweet about a book thinking it was just another fad diet. I clicked it anyway. I'm glad I did.
I'd found out I had type 2 diabetes awhile ago and I took matters in my own hands without the help of doctors and medication. However, I do take high blood pressure medication .

My blood sugar level was 8.8 this morning after not eating anything except a small piece of raw pineapple. BP was 117/70. Yes I know that fruit has a lot of sugar but nobody can tell me that fruit is as bad as a candy bar cause I don't freakin believe it!! I get so mad. Fruit is good for you! I don't care what anybody says! Anyway this book has inspired me to take the necessary steps and gain more knowledge about how to be healthier. Visit the website The ebook is free right now and it's really good. I recommend it for those who want to either lose weight or have poor digestion.  I have very poor digestion that causes constipation and I probably have no gut flora in my stomach either due to antibiotics. My stomach doesn't break down food properly so I've learnt :/

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  1. I totally agree, fruit is good!
    A poor digestion can be a big pain and I really hope this book is going to help you.
    Thanks for stopping by :)


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