August 9, 2013

T.G.I.F Weekly

I think Jaime@Vailia's Page Turner has a good idea for a meme so I'm going to post it on my blog even though she does not have a linky list yet. If more people get involved she might put one up :) It may or may not catch on and become popular but that's fine with me. UPDATE:  Hey guys! We now have a linky list !!


TGIF Weekly is a Friday post where we choose 3 books we want to read from our TBR list. The goal is to read at least 1 of these books before the next Friday. In the comments YOU tell me which book you think I should focus on. Then in the next TGIF post I will share a short blurb about what I thought of the book. The blurb will only be for the book most voted for in comments.
 *Please note that if a book is not read one week it may be on the list the following week* 

Ok so here are my 3 book choices from my TBR shelf . 

Shadow's Claim

Reign of Blood
Beautiful Disaster
Pick the one I should read next and let me know in the comments!


  1. I am so glad you like this idea as a meme. I set up a linky list and we shall see of it catches on over the next few weeks. Even if it is just a few people that is still great. Thanks!
    Reign of Blood is catching me attention out of these three. Dystopian setting with vampires. Oh, yeah.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the linky thing. I've had Reign of Blood on my tbr kindle list for a long time now and because I get so many ebooks they all seem to just get shoved down the line further out of sight which means out of mind lol. I forget about it so thank you for your vote .

  2. I love this idea and adding it to my blog! I've read Shadow's Claim and really liked it! Kresley created another set of characters that I hope she will feature in coming books!

    1. Hi Kathy . I'm so glad you like the idea . so did I ! I loved Lothaire so I hope I like Shadow's Claim too. I am wondering if we will see Lothaire in this book ruling on the throne still or not. Anyway leave a link in the linky and I'll come and visit .


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