January 1, 2014

First Book Of The Year 2014

My first book of 2014 will be ...............

Awhile ago I was watching Stephen King on Youtube,(linked to the video), and someone in that audience had mentioned he read 11/22/63 over 3 days when his power went out and he spoke about it like it was a lifesaver. If you skip to the part I'm talking about, which is about one hour and 22 minutes into the video (1:22:04) you will see. I liked his enthusiasm so I purchased the book at a second hand store and I was saving it for the right time. I had never read any other review about the book and as intimidating as it is, I just hope I too will get lost in it and forget about all my problems just like that guy in the video. I wish I can say it is my first Stephen King novel but this past year I read Doctor Sleep and I just had to read something else by this great author that isn't a horror.

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  1. I listened to this one and loved it. I'm a recent King convert. Hope you enjoy your first read.

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  2. Nice photo...I can't read or listen to Stephen King. Too scary. :)

    I hope it is good for you.

    Happy New Year!!

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