January 1, 2014

Night Huntress World #1(Spade & Denise)

First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World, #1)First Drop of Crimson
Night Huntress World #1
by Jeaniene Frost
Main Characters: Spade & Denise
Other Characters: Raum, Nathaniel, Web,
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After her husband Randy's murdered, Denise wants to leave all things paranormal behind, but thanks to an ancestor who made a pact with a demon and then ran off, she's forced back into the vampire world. Spade, a.k.a. Charles, is the powerful Master vampire Denise turns to for help trying to find her demon-dodging relative Nathaniel. If she doesn't succeed, the demonice essence she's been branded with will be permanent. After he lost the woman he loved to a mortal death, Spade has no intention of caring for a human again, especially one who wants nothing more than to return to a normal life. But as the demon brands gain strength inside Denise, She's unable to suppress her attraction for Spade, and his cool detachment toward humans is put to the test.
I rather like Denise more than Cat who got on my nerves everytime she spoke, which was ALL the time! Denise is way smarter, calmer and more of a woman with a good mind to know when to be quiet. In fact I feel the same about Spade compared to Bones. With that said, is it any surprise I like the spinoff better than the first 4 Night Huntress novels?

I also really enjoy reading about demons. From the Immortals after dark series to Sabina Kane they are quite fascinating.

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