January 10, 2018

My Favorite.. Moment To Write My Reviews

My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books that started on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017. In this meme, we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it... The world can be a dark place and it’s to share something positive.

My Favorite... Moment To Write My Reviews

It has been awhile since I wrote a proper review. I type my thoughts in notepad as a first draft and then I edit it from there before it goes live on Goodreads. Then, I either publish it on Jackie's Bookbytes OR Jackie's Forget Me Nots and sometimes tweet about it. When I do write a review, I generally write down what I thought about the book and what I want to say right after I finish reading it. The more I like the book, the easier it is to write about. If I didn't like the book it meant I wasn't really paying attention enough and/or it wasn't interesting enough which leads to no review. When the book is still fresh in my mind and has left its mark on my soul (lol), I feel that's a good moment. When I remember what I liked about it and can easily process my thoughts, then, that is when it is a good moment for me to write about it. Otherwise, I soon lose interest in the book and my feelings and emotions are soon forgotten.IDK. I want to capture how the book made me feel, in my review. At least I try. I never am good at remembering names, places or details very well, so there is a bit of time to get all the facts straight but in general, I write my reviews (thoughts) right after I read the book whether it is night or day.


  1. So true. When I enjoyed a book it's so much easier to write a review. And when I'm able to I'll try to write my review right after finishing the book.Thanks for joining and sharing this weeks favorite.
    BTW.. love your banner. ;)

  2. I write mine as soon as I can after reading the book too. (At least usually.)

  3. I really want to do better about writing my reviews as soon as I finish the book. Sometimes it's a few days or more until I get the chance to write the review.

  4. I have come to love the highlight feature for ebooks. I highlight names, years, locations, relationships, and other oddities mentioned (like a past historical bit about a character or family). When I sit to write my reviews, I just pull up the list of highlights and roll through as I write so I don't miss anything. Even if I didn't like a book, I can usually articulate strong reasons why. There have been a few I couldn't. I am really bad at writing reviews in a timely manner, though, often going a month (or possibly more) to write reviews lately.

  5. I need to start taking notes while reading, I have a horrible time remembering things. I've been tagging books for awhile, but I have no system to that. This year I'm going to try to write a review before I move onto my next book. So far that isn't working so well.


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