July 1, 2020

The Gift of Finest Wheat - Parable

A Parable – The Crows And The Harvest -

from the messages of TLIG

see Matthew 13
 “There once was a sower who prepared an enormous field; he chose the finest grain to sow and produce the best wheat! now, when the harvest was ready to be reaped, and what a rich harvest it was, his enemy sent out a bunch of crows to fly over his field; this field, toiled and prepared with so much love and sacrifice, a ready and rich harvest, able to feed the entire country, leaving no one hungry; but, these crows which were sent by his enemy, started to pick up here and there from the harvest, devouring and ravaging as much as possible; if it was not for the sower seeing all this and sending out his servants to chase away those crows they would have devastated the entire harvest;”

Jesus Explains it: the sower is I, the Lord, the harvest is My Word, (The Holy Bible) the enemy is Satan; the crows are those souls influenced by Satan, through many years, now and again to eat up the important elements from My Words; but, I, Jesus Christ, the Lord, will manifest Myself time and again to bring back to you those missing elements; I will embellish and repair My Church;

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