March 17, 2010


Miles Gilbert Legend "Tim" Horton was born on January 12, 1930 in Cochrane, Ontario.

Man cannot live on beer alone. That’s why we’re grateful for Tim Hortons.

Their homestyle biscuit breakfast sandwich, with sausage , egg and cheese makes breakfast always fresh . In the morning there is nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee to kick start your day , extra large triple triple.

Breakfast is served @ Theme Thursday.


  1. Great, now I want coffee to go with my bacon and eggs. These TT pieces this week are killing me. :)
    I’m up right HERE

  2. this is sad but i have never been to a Tim Horton's...but it does sound dlicious...

  3. I have not heard of Tim Horton, thank you for introducing him.
    Relevant TT post!

    Happy Thursday!
    Happy TT!

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  4. i've never been to a tim hortons. i don't even know if there are any in this area... but that breakfast sandwich looks good!

  5. Breakfast is breakfast without coffee!


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