March 19, 2010

Ideogram and Ideology

Included in this Alphabe-Thursday are an ideogram and an ideology. I know I am late .So without further incident, I give you .....

1. A large furniture store that sells everything in a million pieces.
(open something that unexpectedly needs to be assembled)"Shit! I got Ikea'd"

2. The best furniture super store ever invented, for people who love to sit in the rafters or furniture of IKEA and watch...
Emotional breakdowns
Serious furniture related injurys
Midlife crisis'
Accidental misplacement of wooden prosthetic legs (most likeley sold)
Misplacement of kids
Marriages (thats how lost you can get)
Temper tantrums
Temper tantrums from kids
And stupidity all unfold
Any one of these things could happen to you so remeber, theres always someone watching, pointing and laughing

3. Swedish for "see if you can put this shit together."
OK, we got the boxes to fit in the car and carried them up 4 flights of stairs.. time to IKEA."

Play the Ikea Game


1. Islam is the world's most violent and intolerant religion worshipping a non-existent god and a political movement masquerading as a religion similar to atheistic communism.


  1. Well Ikea is atleast making us creative in this world of ready-made things...

    its true that Islam is currently the most violent religion, but there was atime when christianity was but a horror to the people...

    And are we really that enlightened enough to say that they have a non-existent God... after all we are brothers and sisters "Isaac ans Ismael"...

  2. I'm going to really have to think about this post.

    And actually your title really caught my eye.

    And actually I've only been to Ikea once and must not have been paying attention cuz I missed everything but a bunch of blonde furniture sitting around saying "don't buy me" to me!

    Interesting "I" post!


  3. As a Christian...well actually a Buddhist Christian...I find offense on so many levels of this post. Ikea...pretty benign...never wife and son love the place. Islam...your comments would obviously be offensive to literally billions of good, kind, God fearing, God's people on the planet. Why would anyone want to do that? All I can do is wish you Peace that passes all understanding and Blessings that God gives us all, regardless..

  4. I find offense on so many levels of this post

    I'm sorry you feel that way. Let me ask you this: would you like to see Islamic rule in America? because you see that is what Islam seeks. political and social dominance over every person on the planet. Islam means submission.

    If they kicked God out of schools will they replace it with the Q'ran? why would anyone want to do that? Will you stand by and watch them close churches , desecrate them and turn them into mosques ?...Oh and don't think it cannot happen. Would you like to see an arab from saudi arabia running your country sitting in the whitehouse and calling himself the prince of peace? Ya guess what... he will be the antichrist . Is that what you want to see ?

    You think my post is offensive? Allah may not be non-existant after all .

  5. faery of the wilds : My post about Ikea was supposed to be humorous I'm sorry you missed it.

    so you agree that Islam is a violent religion? Is God violent? How can you say that christianity was a horror? Perhaps to those who are perishing the language of the cross would be a horror(foolish) to them . Christianity is founded by God Himself. Jesus Christ . There are many false prophets just as their are many antichrists but I think Mohammed takes the cake .

    Christians worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob NOT ISHMAEL!

    Jesus Christ is God and is the name above all names. Allah is a god like Zeus and Odin .

  6. faery of the wild: If you have studied the bible(which I can only assume you have not) you will find that the Jews accepted Jesus, he had crowds of 5, 000 and more, so it wasn't that much of a horror. News of Jesus travelled quick and besides the Jews who were awaiting their Messiah believed in Jesus like Mary did as well as Joseph.

    Ishmael is an illegitimate child and therefore not considered a descendant from Abraham, neither in God's eyes nor Abrahams eyes, Abraham kicked Hagar and her son out of his house, Ismael has no part in the inheritance of God.

    I should have asked you : Are you a follower of Islam ?

  7. Dearest Jackie... am actually a Roman Catholic...

    well you would not like to accept it but Christianity has a history going back to crusades... and do you think the Crusades were righteous...

    Christ wanted us to become like him, to love our brothers and sisters and He didnt force the religion on anyone, he wanted people to follow it on their own wish... Tell me why Christians murdered hundreds of women calling them witches??? Do you have any Idea how many cultures perished in the name of Christianity??? Tell me why Gallileo had to die in Prison, if it was not in the name of Christianity...
    Every religion does its part of killing and crusading...
    Th same God protected Ismael in the Deserts... tell me why he didnt let him to starve and die???

    and Christ is the God of all living and non-living things... even the Satan was God`s creation!!!

    like Jews even the Muslims accepts Jesus as a prophet, if you dont know that!!!

    and being a Christian, I felt really offended when what this post do is nothing but create resentment

    the Question is Jackie: Are you a true Christian? Do you really understand the meaning of being a Christian?

  8. and I love the Bible like anything... But am sure you miss some lot on the Holy Bible...

  9. I'll be playing the real IKEA game soon enough. Not sure I want to now!


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