January 19, 2011

The Raw Truth

-Jordan Rubin is giving away his Book "The Raw Truth" - over 700k copies to be distributed exclusively through Health Food Stores! Click HERE to download PDF version .


  1. After the birth of my seventh child thirteen years ago, I went on a raw foods diet for about one year. I lost all my post-partum weight (and then some) and felt terrific! But I was spending too much time juicing fruits and vegetables, and I just couldn't keep it up. Your blog has convinced to try a raw foods diet again, but with a minimum of juicing. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Wow Celeste! Thank you, I am thrilled to know I have made an impact on someone :) Yay ! I hope you find it easier this time and you have only encouraged me to stick with it ; so thank YOU!

    I decided after struggling with my weight all my life and not knowing how to eat healthy , to try eating 100% raw . I am just a newb but I believe it is the solution for me .


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