January 1, 2011

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

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I have two posts that I would like to share this week for sunday snippets .
1) Choosing a saint for 2011 . I think this is a really cool saint generator Jennifer Fulwiler made in her spare time . It chose St. Antony of the desert or the Abbot for me , which I firmly trust is someone I need at this point in my life . It's fun to learn about new saints that I haven't known or heard of before . You should try it . Click here to access the generator . Thank God for computer nerds! (Lol inside joke if you read her post)

Another one that I would like to share is :
2) Catholicism 101 meme . Everyone is invited to participate , you don't even have to be catholic , to share something about the catholic faith , it's just that I believe the Catholic Church to be the pillar and foundation of Truth.

A good analogy is to a central library where all the books are to be found . You can't take the Bible (Sacred Scripture) out of the Church or the Church out of the Bible . They go together . We have Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, they cannot be separated. Blessed are they who keep the Traditions with a capital 'T' ! Amen!

Read what the Catechism says about Scripture paragraph 112, 113, 114 :
The Second Vatican Council indicates three criteria for interpreting Scripture in accordance with the Spirit who inspired it.
Point number 2 -
113 2. Read the Scripture within "the living Tradition of the whole Church". According to a saying of the Fathers, Sacred Scripture is written principally in the Church's heart rather than in documents and records, for the Church carries in her Tradition the living memorial of God's Word, and it is the Holy Spirit who gives her the spiritual interpretation of the Scripture (". . . according to the spiritual meaning which the Spirit grants to the Church").
You have all week to think about something as it will be live from friday Dec 31st to sometime Friday January 7th. Don't you just wanna share your faith? I really look forward to reading all your amazing posts .

Thank-you and may God Bless You !

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