January 24, 2011

The Sproutman's Hemp Sprout Bag

Steve Meyerowitz is a rawmazing grower of sprouts , author and inventor of the hemp sprout bag!
I would love to grow my own seeds in my apartment ! Take a look at this video and the sprout bags . Arent they cool ?! those seeds looks Rawmazing!

Visit his website www.sproutman.com

You can listen to his podcast about growing your own super vitamins and enzymes here:

I am so interested and want to learn more about it because I too suffer from Acne and would like to heal myself but I don't know where to begin *sigh

Check out a Sprout History Lesson

I thought these lyrics were pretty cute

A Rap Song (set to rap music rhyme)

©1981 by Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman®

Jars are real sad

'Cause for sprouting they're so bad.

The Bacteria they enclose

Smells so rotten to your nose.

You can stop growing old

Fight'n mean Mr. Mold.

Chuck the jars,

They're a drag,

Graduate up to the bag.

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