January 21, 2012


Ashfall by Mike Mullin

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was FUBAR - F'd up beyond all recognition . I hated it . I hated Alex for being such a dickhead to his mother and I hated him going out in all that ash risking his life just to get to his parents in Warren Idaho where they were on vacation at his cousins place . After all his trudgings through the wilderness and ash and snow and risky encounters with people , only to come to a Fema camp where he thought he would be safe but it was more like Hitlers Auschwitz . Alex and Darla could have died there and I hated that . They finally make it to his uncle's place , 8 weeks after the volcano just to find out he might have to turn around and do it again because his parents went looking for him . UGH!! FUBAR I say !

I suppose something as frightening as this should make us realize to stock up on non perishable items and lots of candles :/

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