January 4, 2012

City of Bones

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Clary Fray comes home one night to find her apartment ransacked, her mother gone , and a slavering demon , ready to tear off her head. After the demon Ravener , is dealt with, Clary follows the clues to her mother's disappearance into an alternate New York filled with hideous demons, hard-partying warlocks, not-what-they-seem vampires, an army of werewolves and the scariest thing of all: the secrets of her mother's past. She also finds herself torn between two boys -- her best friend Simon, for whom she's developing new feelings, and the mysterious demon hunter Jace, who has a past more tangled than her own. She becomes a part of the secret world of the demon hunters, or Nephilim, and as she does discovers she might be more connected to them than she originally thought.
My Review
Clary by KalonThis story was outstanding and I love how it twists and turns. Clary is a 15 year old teenager growing up in New York who for the most part lived like an ordinary teenager . Until one night at the pandemonium night club she witnesses a murder that she wasn't supposed to be able to see . Her mother, Jocelyn, sought to protect her from all the things she herself hated about being a shadowhunter. All traces of the magical world were hidden from Clary by a powerful warlock named Magnus Bane at the request of her mother in an attempt to keep her safe.

Jace by KalonJocelyn, has a very dark past and had left it behind when she found herself pregnant with Clary. I can sympathize with her because her life was so complicated and hard and dangerous.

But the secrets of her past is about to unfold in this exciting hip urban fantasy . We find out that Jace is Clary's brother and that Jace was the child Jocelyn thought she lost : Jonathan Christopher. Valentine was their father and Luke is a werewolf who used to be Valentines Parabatai . Valentine runs away through a magic portal with the Mortal Cup revealing his true colors which is evil,  leaving Jocelyn his wife still in a coma or deep sleep.


  1. I started this series but got sidetracked and haven't read the last two. Glad you enjoyed it so much.
    Thanks for sharing your review for The Eclectic Reader Challenge.

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd out


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