January 8, 2012

Vampire Academy #2 Frostbite

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rose Hathaway is a seventeen year old Dhampir ,half-Moroi half-human, who is training to be a Guardian, Lissa's Guardian . She's also in love with her physical trainer, Dimitri, who is also apparently supposed to be Lissa's Guardian too.

This story moves fairly slow . I thought the Prologue was really good . It gave us a recap of what had happened in the first book. I always feel like the story picks up at the very end anyway , but 4 months has past since Rose and Lissa returned to the Academy after being awol for two years .
Lissa is a Moroi Princess who has a special ability to heal things and can bring back the dead . She has a rare 'Spirit' element similar to St. Vladimir an Eastern Orthodox saint. Rose likes to think she's been 'shadow kissed' which means she was brought back from the dead also by her best friend Lissa . Because of that Rose has a special psychic bond that allows her to go inside Lissa's head , which I think is pretty cool for a guardian.

The Moroi's are the good vampires and the Strigoi's are the bad vampires who kill and are feared as Moroi's greatest enemies.

We get a taste of what the Strigoi are like when Dimitri takes a long drive to someplace where Rose is supposed to take some kind of test but when they arrive they find dead bodies strewn everywhere in the snow. They were standing in the aftermath of a Strigoi attack .

The whole school went to some ski resort in Idaho where we are introduced to Adrian Ivashkov. He's a Moroi too who tries coming on to Rose . Anyway this resort is a very posh place with hot tubs and beautiful surroundings with all the comforts of an elegant ritsy exclusive 5 star hotel .

Mason , Eddie , and Mia disappear from the hotel resort and Rose and Christian go looking for them . Spokane is where Mason heard from Rose that's where the Strigoi's headquarters are. These were the ones responsible for the latest killing spree on some Moroi family.

It put them all in danger of being kidnapped and locked up in a basement by two Strigoi-- Isaiah and Elena, who planned on killing them . After a couple days without food and water Rose comes up with an escape plan but Mason is killed and Rose chops both of the Strigoi's heads off . Mia uses magic as does Christian which was awesome because they wouldn't have been able to escape without it .

I really hope the rules in the Academy change so that the Moroi will be able to use their magic but also that they should be allowed to protect themselves . These laws need to be changed by their governments.

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