November 5, 2019

Alone for the Holidays makes me feel I'm not alone

Alone for the Holidays

Alone for the Holidays by Vivien Mayfair

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I live for Novellas in November. Centred around Christmas, it's a perfect way to get into the spirit of the holidays. The author also includes a bunch of delicious recipes for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Also thanks to the author for including us alone ones that aren't typical in a Christmas novella.

I'm like Clara, keeping busy by reading books on Goodreads lol. I also blog when I want to. Nothing too stressful. I like how the author describes being alone: "She cooked her meals for one, stuck with a four-pack of toilet paper, and stopped shaving her legs months ago...She could eat as much as she wanted without embarrassment. Laundry day only came every other week, hair washing once a week, and housecleaning once a month" Yup. pretty much ;) I feel like exclaiming "SAME!"

Clara Neverov has gotten herself in a bind, wrapped in Christmas when a guy she meets in an online book group invites himself over. He doesn't know Clara isn't who she says she is. She posts online as Abigail for privacy reasons and now she is overwhelmed to have to spill the beans to this guy. O, good lord. No hilarity ensues, unfortunately, probably because the guy was too serious. Idk. I didn't like him. There is no surprise everything works out in the end. HEA.

**I received an advance review copy from Book Sirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Blurb. A short and sweet holiday read.Snow is falling hard near the picturesque town of Woodstock with its scrumptious bakeries, brightly lit storefronts, and twelve-foot Main Street Christmas tree. Romance is in the air for everybody except spicy Russian Clara Neverov, recently divorced, bitter, and alone for the holidays. As an acclaimed romance author, she revels in her solitary life relying only on Internet book groups for her socialization under a fake name pulled from childhood memory and her best friend’s photo. When a mysterious editor from a Goodreads book group shares a sad story about being alone for the holidays, she accidentally invites him to spend them with her. The only problem is that her snowy country cottage is nowhere close to the magical Santa’s wonderland that she described. In fact, it closely resembles the underground Grinch’s lair on a bad day. The situation goes from bad to worse when Finn Jacobs drops an email that he’s on his way to spend Christmas with her and doesn't mention a date for his arrival.

About the author

Vivien Mayfair is the author of the sweet, clean, contemporary romance Snowdrop Valley Series, with a central focus on the theme of books, seasons, and holidays. Vivien always dreamed of being a writer. After years of raising children as a single parent from a young age and various dismal jobs with no direction, Vivien decided to indulge her passion for books by earning an MA in English before turning to writing romance full-time. She now creates sweet, wholesome, heartfelt romance that leaves readers feeling toasty on the inside and laughing on the outside. Her trademark sarcasm, themed holidays, and vibrant settings have gained her fans from all over. When not reading or writing, Vivien spends her time with animals, family, watching period drama movies or TV, or dreaming about her next autumn or snowy winter vacation to New England. Vivien resides in the Pacific Northwest.
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