February 3, 2011

Q is for Quinoa

The first time I ever heard of Quinoa (pronounced keen- wah)  was through Suzana from bodyrock.tv . She made a healthy Quinoa salad and I had to make it! It was very good even Phil , my boyfriend liked it a lot . 

Dating back to the Incas, this grain is still grown in Bolivia and Peru. The small round grains look similar to millet but are pale brown in colour. The taste is mild, and the texture firm and slightly chewy. When cooked, the grains sweeten and become translucent, ringed with white.


'Not so Quick' Quinoa Recipe 
-by Raw Loulou. (I hope it's ok to share )
  • 1 cup sprouted dehydrated quinoa grains
  • 1 T cacao powder
  • 2 T agave nectar
  1. To Sprout: Put some quinoa grains in a tub topped with water and put a lid on it and leave in the fridge for 24hours. The next day, rinse really well leaving it in the same tub, cover it with kitchen paper (not the lid this time) and leave outside the fridge on the side for a further 24hrs.
  2. You should be able to see some tiny shoots from the grains. The next step is to dehydrate for a few hours until crispy and crunchy. It's always good to have a batch of these made up to add to soups and salads etc.
  3. With the dehydrated sprouted quinoa, simply add with the cacao powder and the agave nectar.
  4. Spread the mixture onto a teflex sheet and dehydrate for 4 - 8 hours

Once the mixture is crisp and crunchy, break it up into small pieces and place in a bowl

Add some nut milk and presto, delicious healthy raw version of cocao pops.

It even turns the milk brown :0)
Yes Quinoa is a raw food and can be sprouted , which makes it quintessentially good for you .
-It contains 12%-18% protein
-great for vegetarians
-contains lysine , not found in wheat or rice
-is loaded with fiber, iron and magnesium .
-Is gluten free
Those are just 5 benefits of this super grain.

Jenny MatlockThis have been a letter 'Q' edition of Alphabe Thursday 


  1. This was very interesting. I love the idea of raw cocoa puffs!!

  2. Oooh we like Quinoa too! Though don't really have it often enough!

    Like the idea of Quinoa Pops!!


  3. The cocoa puffs look wonderful. Quinoa is such a super food!

  4. I have already heard a lot of it from my friends, but not yet tried out !

  5. I've been reading about Quinoa, guess it's time to try it..

    Will I get a body like Suzana?

  6. Very interesting post, Jackie.

  7. I've heard of quinoa, but I can't remember whether or not I've ever tasted it.

  8. I'm glad you wrote about quinoa. I have a jar full of it on my shelf that I forget about. I'm going to try sprouting them tomorrow/today. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. it looks crunchy and yummy.

  10. I actually like quinoa. You can do a lot with it and it does seem to take on either sweet or savory flavors...depending on what you pair it with.

    Thanks for a healthy stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Q".



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