February 17, 2011

Two songs and some silly jokes

What do you get when you combine two rock bands from the 80's?
Super Trick from a Cheap Tramp. lmao!

Did you hear about the girl who got pregnant at Co-op?
She didn't know there was a Safeway

These really belong on Rock My World but take a look and see if you like the music . It's my boyfriends blog and I am a big part of his world :p
This is a song I like -Some Girls Do

This is a song he likes-  Slik Toxik

I hadn't a clue what to post for the letter S this week and I am late posting but at least I did it .
Take care everybody and thanks for stopping by my blog .  
Jenny Matlock


  1. hahahahaha. Good jokes. Some Girls Do is pretty rocking. Nothing came up for your boyfriend's choice.

  2. That second joke made me laugh out loud!

    And since I had a tooth pulled last night it did NOT feel good!

    But I figure you because it was so cute!

    Thanks for linking this clever little post up to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

    I appreciated the smile today.



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