February 22, 2011

WHW: Snow

We Heart Wednesday

The object of this game is to use pictures from weheartit.com to describe what you love . Come and join the fun @ Briemarie.net. Lol I intended to link up but I realized it was closed .  I don't know if she will have one this week but OH WELL.

I really love the snow and this just makes me want to frolick in it. I hear some people complain that they are so tired of the snow and wish for summer already pffft, well it ain't over yet .


  1. Ah!! The baby in the jumpsuit is ADORABLE.

    I didn't like snow when I lived back in Ohio, but it's easy to miss it when Christmas time comes. Hard to get excited about the holidays when you've got palm trees and beach instead of a classic winter wonderland!

  2. ha ha nice whw!
    i really only like snow if i go to it! that way im prepared ;)

    love the stop lights pic!!

    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  3. cute pics - animals in snow make me smile :)

  4. Love the photo choices! We just got a bunch of snow today where I live.. perfect timing to read this post!


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