May 24, 2011

My Idea of Perfect Weather

The perfect weather would be when I'm hot I could go outside with shorts and flip flops and breathe fresh air in a nice cool breeze. When I'm cold I can go outside , still in my shorts and flip flops, and feel the mild hot sun . But ultimately perfect weather would mean clean, sunny uv rays with a dose of vitamins enough to elevate my mood .

It has been raining for 2 days and has dampened my spirit. Usually we get a last snowfall around the May long weekend , but this year it hasn't happened except rain. We don't often get the perfect weather here in Calgary, but sometimes 4 seasons in one day which is crazy. I think Calgarys Chinook weather is amazing and it is what I like about Calgary the most. Living so close to the Rocky mountains , we can enjoy nice warm breaks in the chill of winter . That is about as perfect as it gets here .


  1. We got our snowfall last weekend, and I am hoping and praying it is the last!! I agree with you about the weather though! I love it when the nights are cool enough to leave your windows open and still cover with a snuggly blanket!

  2. I live in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state) and we get lots of gray days with rain. In fact, it is one of those days today. It can be so discouraging and depressing! I am so ready for some sun!


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