May 3, 2011

Cities I'd Consider Moving To

I found out my sister moved to California! I've never lived in the states but I guess I would reconsider if she lived there and for the weather. I would think California is a little expensive but I guess that is what the appeal is and because it's close to beaches . I would also love to live around the mediterranean ; like Palma de Mallorca or Barcelona Spain; off the coast somewhere, like Algiers Africa ! I don't like swimming in the pacific or atlantic ocean in Canada anyways, but perhaps Hawaii or some other tropical Island in the Pacific would be nice. I'd like to live where there are some nice beaches .
Explain what you find appealing about each city.


  1. Santa Barbara, California wouldn't be too bad. I would also consider Alicante in Spain. Yes, basically any place with nice beaches. I grew up near the sea.

  2. Hi ! I grew up in Algiers by the sea and we went to Alicante on holidays once . It was nice there for sure .

  3. I love the South East coast of England, there I would move to immediately.
    For holidays and guaranteed sunshine I love the red sea in Egypt.

  4. Well, you said the key words. I'd like to live someplace that's cheap!

    At the same time, I love living in the city. So, I don't know where I'd consider moving. But there are a bazillion places I'd visit.


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