May 18, 2011

A Case Of Buyers Remorse

I've never purchased or owned a car before until I bought a pontiac
montana van from my brother-in-law last week. It cost over $500 to get it insured and registered, and the car already needs a new back tire , front left headlight and a new fuse for the radio. My boyfriend hurt his shoulder trying to get the tire off , and I had to make my first call to AMA (alberta motor association) to come and help us because I drove it to the nearest gas station with a flat and the tire came off the rim .

Ramone, my brother-in-law, was going to give it to my dad but since I needed a car and they needed gas money he sold it to me for a cheap $250 because they were leaving for california the next day or so . It's costing me more than I bargained for .


  1. For me, it is the package of reeces peanut butter cups. I really don't need to eat them, but I am really craving them at the moment. They might not be expensive, but they are definitely not something I need to add to my waistline!!

  2. Unfortunately that is the case with all used cars. They are sold when the expense of repairing them becomes higher than the worth of keeping them.

    Few people sell them while they are still in relatively good condition.

  3. That's so true Amanda. Thanks for reading my blog y'all !


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