October 19, 2011

Vote for My Idea in the Aviva Community Fund

hydroponics nutrients
Aviva community fund is giving canadians who have an idea for making positive change in their community a chance to win a million dollars .

My idea is to grow a hydroponic garden in our community. I think it would make a positive change in making people more aware of what they eat . It will teach people the basics in how to grow food out of a garden without soil and people will be able to access fresh rich produce without purchasing it at the store. Think of all the benefits! You can plant whatever you want , whenever you want. A variety of fruits and vegetables all year round. I meant to take a class in hydroponics awhile ago but I never made it . I feel hydroponics is the way to grow go if you live in small urban areas without a lot of space like in apartments with decks and patios and balconies.

You can help by supporting my proposal ! If my idea receives enough votes, it could share in that prize.

Please vote for my idea at


  • Having a hydroponic garden is soil-less 
  • You don’t need a lot of space to grow 
  • It offers the promise of feeding our families 
  • It provides a sustainable food environment
  • With a continuous supply of fresh produce
  • It’s clean
  • It’s therapeutic
  • It’s profitable

   Don’t forget to vote everyday!                                        

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