October 16, 2011

Reality TV Stardom

3 top Reality TV shows I'd like to try out for :

The Biggest Loser because I need to lose weight although I'm not that fat. Given the incentive I imagine cameras follow every move you make. I've never watched a full episode so I don't know what qualifies other than being overweight but I think I could do it.

I'd like to be on a game show like the Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune for the money . Who wouldn't?  but I don't know if this is reality TV .

Retro or Rubbish?I also think I wouldn't mind being on What Not To Wear because I really don't know what to wear.  Btw, I have a pair of shoes in black just like these . They are called fedoras , who knew? I used to wear them a lot but apparently they haven't been cool in decades and it makes you look like you are trying way too hard. Anyway, given $5,000 dollars you can go shopping with the help of Clinton and Stacy , plus you get your hair and makeup done . The transformations are remarkable.

My boyfriend and I like watching Wipeout because it's funny as hell . We both think it would be a blast . I think I've only seen one person make it through all the balls without wiping out right off the bat. It's hilarious but at the same time it looks dangerous as you see their bodies bend out of shape becoming more flexible than perhaps they're use to .

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