October 6, 2011

The Year I Was Born

It was 1964 the last year of the baby boom, and the beatles were famous worldwide with beatlemania . Apparently there was a big earthquake that hit the west coast of Alaska producing giant tsunamis and Hurricane Hilda.

I don't live in the states but their president was Lynden B. Johnson who declared a "War on Poverty" . Pope Paul VI gave his tiara to the poor and signed the 3rd sitting of the second Vatican Council but then the Church abolished the official language of the Liturgy which was Latin . Big mistake .

Lester B. Pearson was the Prime Minister of Canada and I'm almost certain no one cares about that . Canada also adopted the maple leaf flag.

In 1964 Canada issued Social Insurance cards.

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali, the black superman, and became muslim and won some heavyweight boxing title that year.

Stars were born like Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage. Sonny and Cher got married as well as Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks.

More interesting events of that year

Yea all I know is I was born overseas when my dad worked for an oil company in Sfax Tunisia and we lived in Villa Farhat .

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