October 11, 2011

A Memorable Thanksgiving Weekend

Canada celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend and Phil and I, were invited to my brothers who lives on the outskirts of Calgary in Copperfield .

I am very thankful for having a car because I don't have to rely on anyone and I feel more independent.

I was thankful Phil and I could go since we had a fight the previous night and I was left wondering if we would even see each other.

It was a beautiful and sunny day. I had planned on bringing a side dish of spicy roasted broccoli with almonds but with all the running around , I barely had time to get ready and make it back to pick phil up from work.

We got to my brothers place and his girlfriend had prepared everything! She made a thanksgiving feast fit for a king . The smell of turkey and stuffing filled the house and the table was beautifully decorated. The turkey was bought at the local farmers market from a Hutterite vendor-  it was organic . What I had not known before was that normal turkeys' feed is made with formaldehyde and that is usually why we feel tired after eating turkey.

In keeping with the tradition of her family , Debra explained what the candles were for . Holding the lit candle you are supposed to say something about which you were thankful. My brother started first and lit Phil's candle . Phil said he was thankful for me and for celebrating thanksgiving with my family. Phil lit my candle and I was thankful for my brothers generosity . I lit my sisters candle etc...

The laughter came when my dad was lighting his girlfriends candle . She ended up snuffing out dads candle, then she said she was thankful she got her candle lit ~:)

Debra is a modest cook and she didn't know if everything was going to be that good so she jokingly offered us to drink more wine.

It was my brother who burnt the gravy but the rest of it was pretty good . We had homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potato, sweet yams, a very tasty salad together with turkey and stuffing made with wild rice , it was fabulous. After the table was cleared and put away we had a choice of peach pie , blueberry pie or pumpkin pie for dessert ...I had a sliver of each.

I always get out of doing the dishes and this occasion was no different only better because I got to put the whipped cream on the pie :p

My brothers girlfriend is such a sweet person .

After a few drinks my dad said he had to leave before it got dark . We played a game of Skip-Bo. I won the first game . Debra won the second game . All in all we had fun and it was a memorable thanksgiving .

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