December 11, 2011

Meet Me On Monday!

This is a new meme where we get to learn more about each other . To help us with that we are asked 5 questions . My answers follow.

1. Tomorrow I'm going to _________? Take a shower, go shopping , decorate for christmas and perhaps contemplate on making some changes in my life .
2. Pudding or Jello? Not much into either. I prefer smoothies and juice instead.
3. What book are you currently reading? I just finished Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay. I will post my review soon.
4. What is the first concert you went to see? Rush or Streetheart I can't remember which one came first
5. What is your current weather? -8C light snow


  1. Hi! It's my first time to visit your blog! :) You have such a cute blog. Looking forward to your reviews and other MMoM posts!

    Why are you contemplating on changing your life, by the way?

  2. Hi simonette and welcome! I just meant that I needed to evaluate, contemplate, meditate on my life , that's all.

  3. Gosh Jackie that's awfully cold weather. I hope you manage to stay nice & warm!
    Have a good week :)

  4. I didn't play along this week, but I never eat jello.. It always reminds me of being sick. In fact, when I was a little girl, about six, I once went to a friends house and her brother was eating Jello. I came home and told my mom he must have been sick... She had to explain that jello was actually a real desert... Ah, memories. I host a Friday Fill-In Blog Hop I would love if you could check it out...


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