December 22, 2011

My Favorite Family Gatherings

Plinky Prompt

What are your favorite types of family gatherings?
One with a lot of beer and food where we get to watch home movies/videos/film on a large screen on the wall. My brother has a projector and he made some home movies out of old filmstrips belonging to my mother when she had a movie camera . These are precious fun filled memories worth gathering for.

My favorite type of gathering is also when we play games together and mostly chat about the memories we had as kids and funny experiences and lessons we learnt . I love my brothers and sisters and it's a lot of fun when we get together.

The last little get together wasn't quite with the whole family but it was my birthday and so I decided to make it a taco tuesday birthday celebration. There was a lot of beer but it was only celebrated with two of my sisters .

Mothers day this year was very memorial . Our whole family got together again after 30 years or more and it was fun . My parents are divorced and they both were there . We watched home movies with popcorn and lots of alcohol .

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