November 16, 2012

A Zombie Movie

We just watched Dead Snow . My boyfriend thought it was funny. I thought it was pretty good. No one survived so I guess there isn't going to be a sequel. Only the zombies survive and they are Nazi . I like the snow.
A 2009 Norwegian zombie comedy film directed by Tommy Wirkola, with English Subtitles
Seven medical students go on a weekend vacation to a cabin in the mountains. The cabin belonged to Sara but she ends up dead even before they get there. Some old man comes knockin and tells them the scary truth about the Nazis in that region during the war. He tells them they were greedy bastards that stole from everyone and killed them. Turns out the Nazi zombies are now looking for their stolen loot when they start attacking the students one after the other. The only sex scene happens in an outhouse right before she gets killed.

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