November 30, 2012

All I Want For Christmas by Liliana Hart

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas by Liliana Hart 

Kindle Edition
Two short stories perfect for Christmas as they are romantic and heartwarming. Not suitable for children

Naughty or Nice

Kate Carson is a lawyer whose client from Chicago was getting married and needed a pre-nup. When her flight back to New York was cancelled due to the weather, she is forced to remain in Chicago on Christmas Eve. As she was expected to check out, the hotel management already pre-booked her room and there was no other room available. Until Derek Worth, the sexiest man she had ever seen, stepped into her life. Oh ya, heat passion and lots of sex. Love is the best milieu and you gotta love a HEA ending. I know I do. sigh.

What I liked about it: The lifestyles of the rich and a luxurious penthouse.

A Mackenzie Christmas.

Christmas is for those who have others to share it with which is why large families seem to be ideal.

Grant Mackenzie comes from a large family. He took a chance on his nieces friend, a young girl named Annabeth. It was fate that brought them together. Something sweet.

What I liked about it was life in the small town of Surrender and the 50lb turkey lol.

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