November 5, 2012

Dreamfever Mac 4.0

Dreamfever book 4 ( The Fever Series )

Dreamfever book 4 by Karen Marie Moning

Narrator: Natalie Ross, Phil Gigante

Wow! I have no choice but to read Shadowfever unless I want to stay hanging on that cliff of a hanger forever. I hope Mac can get the hell out of that god forsaken place Faery  now that Ryoden and *ahem shall I dare mention the monster? ya they are both dead now OOPS! I have my opinion of who that monster might be but I won't spoil it.

In the beginning Dani saves MacKayla from the Unseelie Princes and brings her unconscious shell of a body to the Abbey where she is not welcome there. Thank God for Dani! She's a young Sidheseer who's fiesty fast and brave

MacKayla was raped and turned into a Fae sex addict, they call Priya. Listening to it on audio it was seriously disturbing but then again the sex between Barrons and her is the hottest it would ever get. I know some of you think he's hot but meh he's still a 'Jackass' imo. So with the help of Jericho Barrons Mac slowly becomes herself again but better. Mac 4.0

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