October 15, 2013

New All Hallows Read Illustrations

There was a contest this month for artists to best illustrate the spirit of All Hallows Read made popular by Neil Gaiman. The entries were all astounding which made it difficult to choose.

You can see them all on the Neverwear Tumblr archive page

They can be used as bookmarks or stickers and have the same message: Give or share a spooky story for halloween. I'm not sure if everyone would agree a book is better than candy but I'm all for both. I know I'm enjoying the stories I've been reading so far.

Here are the four runner ups 

because-of-the-slippers by Nora Thompson

The studious bride by Christina Clemins 

The ghost holding the "How to Spook" book by Tina Modugno 

Matthew Sheppard's raven on book 


 special mention to Nathan Szerdy:


Now the 3 winners are: 

The Haunted Skeleton babies of Ayesha Rubio


 Bewitching art of Kate Laird:


  Sean Von Gorman is the first prize winner. Nice right? It's definitely colorful. I love it

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  1. Ha! Fun pieces! Thanks for posting them. The first place winner is great, but I also love the one by Szerdy!


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