October 8, 2013

SamHain The God of Halloween

'Tis now the very witching time of night,

When churchyards yawn and hell itself

breathes out

Contagion to this world.

- William Shakespeare

Legends are but truths whispered.

- Tlachtga, Druid priestess

Gods of The Nowhere

A Novel of Halloween by James Tipper
Cover Art by John Pelico

The ancient Celts believed that the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead was at its thinnest on Halloween; it was then that the dead could get through. But could it work the other way? Could we go to them? High school senior Sam McGrath is convinced it can be done. For as long as he can remember, The Nowhere has been beckoning him, reaching out with cold and ancient fingers. Crippled from a childhood injury, Sam has always been different, but he knows now that his differences go far beyond the physical. Only his best friend since childhood – a brash and beautiful Latina named Lucia – knows of his strange gifts, and she has vowed to help Sam. Together they intend to find the world where their nightmares are born. GODS OF THE NOWHERE: A NOVEL OF HALLOWEEN blends modern characters with legend and folklore to create a new myth. It’s a spine-chilling adventure and the ultimate Halloween read.

This book truly is the ultimate halloween read! If you read it on kindle, I suggest you choose the publisher font to enhance your reading experience. It's gothic and beautiful.

Simon Magus is an evil druid and false prophet who killed Sam's parents when he was little but fails to kill the child. Father Doc, a rad Catholic priest, takes legal guardianship of the boy and vows to keep him safe and protected, but he knows things about him that Sam doesn't, until on the night of his 18th birthday...... a neighbour had spotted a car parked in front of Sam's house. It wasn't just a normal car but a Roll's Royce hearse. The car was a bad omen. The plates read: SAMZDED and it was going to kill Father Doc too. 

Lucia is Sam's best friend who lived across the street. Sam has always seen things like 'a lady in glass', a 'crackling' in his head that smelled like fire and smoke, a 'stalking cat' and 'bird' and other inexplicable phenomena but he doesn't know what or who they are. Sam and Lucia believe the visions will only get worse if they don't listen to the clues, and are led to an empty tomb on Halloween night.

Facing the inevitable they find themselves in a place beyond the living called Nowhere. There they face unspeakable horrors and meet a dead phantom called Lore, a foul pumpkin called Jack'O'Lantern, a tiny witch called Hex, a Templar Knight, Jacques de Molay, who I found very interesting, and vampire leeches that want to eat them. Vampires are called Leeches who don't drink blood for obvious reasons because there is no living blood to drink there, but they subsist on the promise of immortality and a herb called nightshade that is only grown in the soil of Hell. Eventually Sam comes to know the lady in the glass also known as Clara or Tlachtga who appears in the Epilogue. She is the druid goddess who needs Sam's help. Her father is Mog Ruith. Everyone in the Nowhere knew who Sam was but Sam. He was the last to learn the truth about himself and about Halloween .

He is SamHain the God of Halloween. 

About the Author

James Tipper is a native of the San Francisco Bay area, and currently lives in West Hollywood, California. Aside from his work as a novelist, he is also a nationally published journalist and songwriter. James is also legally blind.

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