January 12, 2017

Review: HOT GUY: A Christmas Story

HOT GUY: A Christmas Story

HOT GUY: A Christmas Story by H.M. Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
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The holiday season is supposed to be fun and filled with magic. Norman Rockwell never met my family. There's nothing but chaos at holiday meals, and I'm completely dreading it. Think pushy parents, a set of terrible twos in twin form, and a Grandma who wants to see bouncing great-grandbabies before she dies—no amount of turkey can make that situation into a good thing. Add in the recent breakup that no one knows about, then couple it with getting laid off from work, and I'm ready to walk to Mexico and Feliz Navidad myself. That's when I meet HIM—Mr. Tall and Irresistibly Beautiful. I bet he never heard the word no before in his life. After some animated banter, I decide drowning myself in Hot Guy would be way better than getting smashed alone. One thing leads to another, and I'm breathless in his arms when he walks out. Merry freaking Christmas. No early holiday package for me. I pull myself together and jump headfirst into the holiday season when I finally get some good news—a job offer at a swank coffee shop in Manhattan. The problem? It's not a building. I'll be working in a food truck in ass-cold freezing temps, dressed like a slutty Swiss Miss. Oh, and Hot Guy is there. Every day. Every night. He's the boss. I can take it if he can, assuming we don't kill each other first.

My Thoughts

Aiden Ryan is in his mid-thirties and in a position of losing his family fortune tied up in his Dad's company, Norvek. Only his dad died and his evil uncle James wants it for himself and puts Aiden through a sort of hell reducing him to nothing. I don't understand how people can think of getting away with murder. As Aiden discovers he was blackmailed for killing a bunch of individuals, who had taken a so-called "cure for cancer" pill that his Uncle James had tampered with making the formula poisonous. Woah now there is a mouthful. Aiden had created this 'cure for cancer' calling it RequimX, knowing that Aiden would be the heir to his dad's company.

Okay, so there was some unfinished business that Hot Guy now was put to the test to keep his job. It was doomed to fail because of a trifling weather forecast in New York risking not only his little Hottie Hut but every other business in the city as well.

He meets a girl named Kris, with her own set of problems that neither of them wanted anyone to know. I wouldn't call them honest with each other but whatever.
When they couldn't hide their feelings for each other is when all hell breaks loose, secrets were unveiled only to reveal their love for each other could not keep them apart for long.

I wish Hot Guy would have prevailed to tell us what came next because the story didn't seem finished to me when we learned of a marriage proposal. It had the potential of being more than a short story novella. For that, I am knocking off two stars. I feel it is important to tie up loose ends. I couldn't access Aiden's HEA link either.

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