January 20, 2017

Review: Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun (Blood On Snow #2) by Jo Nesbø

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ulf and Lea were both losers. It took a heck of a lot of running and hiding for Ulf to get free from his life of crime. He pretty much fails at everything. Only he gets away with a ton of money. He fails at taking his life. By the time I'd read the entire book, I hated Ulf and Lea. Lea spent TEN fucking years with a man who beat her! Knut was the only sane person in this story. He was Lea's son. But still, witnessing your mother get pummeled inches away from death can't be that healthy. I also don't think her father was any better for forcing her to marry a monster. This was a crime novel, and an epic fails for me.

I did not like the narrator Kim Gordon either. I listened to the free unabridged production on youtube
I picked Midnight Sun up from the library

Knut squinted at me. 'Does losing make you better, Ulf?'
I nodded slowly. I saw that Lea was paying attention too. 'You get better ' I squashed a midge that had landed on my arm - 'at losing.'
'Better at losing? Is there any point in being good at that?'
'Life is mostly about trying things you can't do,' I said. 'You end up losing more often than you win. Even Futabayama kept on losing before he started to win. And it's important to be good at something you're going to do more often, isn't it?'
'I suppose so.' He thought about it. 'But what does being good at losing mean?'
I met Leas gaze over the boy's shoulder. 'Daring to lose again,' I said.
- Page 125

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