April 10, 2018

A to Z Challenge: Letter I for I'M OK I'M... or IISS

My A to Z Challenge contains names, places and things that are found in a series of book titles from The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. If you haven't read these books, which I recommend, please be aware there will be spoilers.

I is for I'M OK I'M. . . or IISS

Everything Ryodan did was for her. To ensure her safety he tattoo'ed and branded her so he would be able to find her at any given moment. Except when it came to her being lost in the Silvers for 5 years in Faery, it didn't work.

Anyway, the phrase 'I'M OK I'M' is part of the message Ryodan had received from the "shooting star". The other part broke off in space. The whole scene was about a text Dani had sent Ryodan but was intercepted by Y'rill who had sent it one thousand four hundred and fourty one years into the past. When Dani was transformed into a Hunter she wanted Ryodan to know she was " OK I'M... COMING HOME!"

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