April 26, 2018

A to Z Challenge: The Letter W -When the walls came tumblin down

My A to Z Challenge contains names, places and things that are found in a series of books from The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. If you haven't read these books, which I recommend, please be aware there will be spoilers.
WeCare is an organization founded after the walls between man and Fae fell, using food, supplies, and safety as a lure to draw followers. Rainey Lane works with them, seeing only the good in the organizations, possibly because it's the only place she can harness resources to rebuild Dublin and run her Green-Up group. Someone in WeCare authors the Dublin Daily, a local newspaper to compete with the Dani Daily; whoever does it dislikes Dani a great deal and is always ragging on her. Not much is known about this group. They lost some of their power when three major players began raiding them and stockpiling supplies.

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