April 16, 2018

A to Z Challenge: The Letter N - Nine Immortals

My A to Z Challenge contains names, places and things that are found in a series of books called The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. If you haven't read these books, which I recommend, please be aware there will be spoilers.

N is for Nine Immortals

Nine, The: Little is known about them. They are immortals who were long ago cursed to live forever and be reborn every time they die at precisely the same unknown geographic location. They have an alternate beast form that is savage, bloodthirsty, and atavistically superior. It is believed they were originally human from the planet Earth, but that is unconfirmed. There were originally ten, counting Barrons's young son. The names of the ones we know of are Jericho Barrons, Ryodan, Lor, Kasteo, Fade. In Burned we discover one is named Daku. There's a rumour that one of the Nine is a woman.
The Nine | Karen Marie Moning, http://karenmoning.com/the-nine/ (accessed March 21, 2018)

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