April 30, 2018

A to Z Challenge: The Letter Z - Zews

My A to Z Challenge contains names, places and things that are found in a series of books tfrom The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. If you haven't read these books, which I recommend, please be aware there will be spoilers.

Z is for Zombie Eathing Wraith


ZEWs is an acronym for zombie eating wraiths, so named by Dani O'Malley. Hulking anorexic vulturelike creatures, they are five to six feet tall, with gaunt, hunched bodies and heavily cowled faces. They appear to be wearing cobwebbed, black robes but it is actually their skin. They have exposed bone at their sleeves and pale smudges inside their cowls. In Burned, Mac catches a glimpse of metal where their faces should be but doesn't get a good look.
-Characters of unknown genus| Karen Marie Moning, https://karenmoning.com/characters-of-unknown-genus/ (accessed March 21, 2018)

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