November 15, 2011

2012 Harry Potter Reading Challenge

Egads! Another reading challenge ! This time I plan on reading with or to my boyfriend , who so fortunately happens to own 5 of the Harry Potter series and......... none of us have read them.  We enjoyed the movies though; "Deathly Hallows" is the darkest and most evil of 'em all. The graphics were the best I've seen . There has been much discussion about how this film/book influences the minds of children and well most books and films do that. Anyway we got the Harry Potter books at a secondhand store that has sinced moved and I'm really disappointed about that .

Whether you have read the series 30 times, just once, or are--like me--hiding your ignorance in the closet, this challenge is for you. Don't let the spirit of Potter die with the last movie. Bring it back by reading the books! CLICK THE BUTTON AND FOLLOW THE RULES . It will open in another tab.

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