November 15, 2011

A Giveaway from the Magic Attic

Ambrose ! 
"Enjoy" by Joni Niemelä | RedBubble
This cat reminded me of Ambrose in the story Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts . He is an old cat and is on his 9th life. I read the first chapter , which was free and thought it was a bit strange referring to reincarnation at first . I haven't got around to reading the rest , but curiosity killed the cat and I bought it lol.
UPDATE: I finished it and you can read my review here

Bree from the Magic Attic is hosting a giveaway . She's a very talented digital designer. Yup she makes blog buttons and backgrounds and she's really good at it . I, on the other hand, am not . Anyway to enter this giveaway ,we have to find an image that reminds us of the Holidays and make it our own . Check out her blog post for all the details or click on the button .
The Magic Attic

Here is Ambrose with a Santa hat tada! I added some text into it too. I told you I wasn't good at it !?
I don't know if I can even use this pic either but whatever . I gave credit to the photographer what more can I do?

photo credit Joni Niemelä 
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